Hello web!  Vivien and Richard hold such a special place in my heart the day we met to talk about their vision for the photography coverage, they had me at Holland Marsh Wineries.  The venue where I had my reception when I got married. I honestly still have no words for how much this opportunity meant to me.

I know I'm a little late on my blog updates but I do have another post coming up to fill you all in. I feel like my blog should be treated like my journal. A way to let my clients, my friends, my family know what I am up to. So people, it's about to get personal real soon. 

But first... photos of Vivien and Richard! Holland Marsh is such a beautiful spot. If you are having your wedding here, I applaud you! Hope you stay a while and get lost on my website, enjoy the photos, comment, message, pin, share. Thank you for stopping by! God Bless!


Before we went to Holland Marsh we honored their Chinese Culture with a tea ceremony with both sides of their families. This is something that I love seeing. A tradition that is not lost and continues strong. Truly an honor to capture these type of traditions.

Now off to Holland Marsh Wineries...