Ok here I am again, sitting for hours on end trying to figure out what to type for a blog post. I mean, this shouldn't be that hard. Tim is my best friend, and he was my best man at my wedding. So let's see, I want to congratulate them (congratu-frikkin-lations!!!), they are super in love and I love that they included worship in their ceremony. (God at the center of their relationship), and I love these two together. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for their life together. Whenever I think of these two, I think of worship songs..and I GOT IT! So there's this song I want to quote when I think of these two as husband and wife. Its a worship song that describes falling in love with God and how overwhelming it truly is...and I can totally apply it to a love between man and woman, in this case, Tim and Rhea. Tim, remember that night how many years ago when we went out for coffee for the very first time and you told me about Rhea? How in love you were and still are? And how you thought, she was the one? Look at where you are now! Haha! the memories! Congrats you two! Enjoy the photos and God Bless!

Your love has ravished my heart
And taken me over
And all I want is to be
With you forever...

Flowers - Elegant Bouquet
Make up - Imperialis
Cinematography - Tealight Films
DJ - DJ Wilson
Lighting - Colin Moore
Wedding Dress - Allure Bridals
Bridesmaids Dresses - Bill Levkoff
Decor - You Main Event
Venue - Le Treport
Photography Location - Adamson Estate
Groom's Suit - Browns

Pocketwatches - Things Engraved