It's been a while internet. I love how busy the wedding season has been keeping us. Along with our new journey into the world of fashion, this year has been such a blessing...a busy busy blessing. Thank you to everybody who has been with us from the beginning, and to the many vendors whom I have met along the way. One of those vendors is the lovely wedding planners over at Let's Party Consultants . They had referred this couple to me and my my my was it a match made in heaven. After I heard that Mike the groom was a game designer, I was just giddy on the inside.  I myself used to be a pro gamer, and blog post titles just appeared left and right for these two. I settled with final stage. ^^

Marriage is much like an achievement unlocked. LOL. Oh the nerdy references I can come up with on the fly right now but I'll choose not to. Anyways, the highlight from this wedding was the place that Marina and Mike found for their creative formals. A private property called Sheldon Mills. For couples looking to use this spot, please be respectful and ask permission from the owners. Special shout out to the couple who let us use the grounds. It was an unforgettable day! The weather held up for us, memories were made, and love was in the air. 
Thank you so much Marina and Mike for giving me the honor of capturing these moments for you.

So for now, enjoy the photos! Don't forget to like, share, comment, message me, or just browse around a little more. Later days and God Bless!