Getting engaged seemed like it was just yesterday and now choosing your vendors is right around the corner. Which venue are we going to go with? Are we going to go with their menu or hire a caterer? Do we get a wedding planner? What kind of centerpieces are we going to have? And what about the favors? Oh my, and the decorations?  For our bride, the search for the dress is another story, and for our groom, the suit will be an easier task than figuring out what kind of gift to get your groomsmen. All these things to decide and one of the most important things we ask will be, who are we going to hire to capture this important day?

It seems that there are new photographers popping up left and right and the seasoned photographers seem to be booking up quickly. I’m here to help you figure out what you need in a photographer with hopes that it will make the process easier for you.

When it comes to figuring out the kind of photography you want, what I tell a lot of my friends who are getting married is try to narrow it down to overall “style” instead of the best photos seen from that photographer. What you’re going to get at the final delivery is a “set” of photos of the wedding day, not just the best photos that you tend to see on their (guilty) website. So how do you narrow it down? Find three words that you think best describes what you want, then try and match that up with the photographers you are interested in.

Here are some words to help you get started.

·         creative
·         photo-journalistic
·         editorial
·         candid
·         romantic
·         storyteller
·         clean
·         simple
·         modern
·         vintage
·         hipster
·         artistic
·         casual
·         classic

three words my couples have described my style with: creative, photo-journalistic, vintage.

three words my couples have described my style with: creative, photo-journalistic, vintage.

Now once you’ve narrowed that down, there are two other important factors to consider. How much does it cost and how do we get along with the photographer? The cost of a photographer definitely is important and I truly am having a battle within myself as a photographer and as a groom last year with this one. Some will tell you, a good chunk of your wedding budget should be dedicated to your photography budget because of the importance of these photos. Others will say, stay within your budget, there will be plenty of guests with cameras there.

" When you trust us that makes our job a whole lot easier."

"When you trust us that makes our job a whole lot easier."

This question can only be answered by you and your significant other. We all are in different situations and no matter what, price may end up being a deciding factor. Don’t hesitate to ask what kind of payment options your photographer offers. Some may have it set to 2 or 3 payments spread throughout the year with the final payment on the wedding day, while others may even have it set to 4 payments with the final payment on delivery. If you already have your heart set on the photographer but are still on a budget, be prepared to save up. A client that truly sees the value in our art is every photographers dream.

How you get along with your photographer is extremely important and is a great opener for my tips on how you can help your photographer capture the images you were looking to get. Before choosing your photographer make sure to set up a meeting. If they have a studio space or just want to meet up for a coffee and conversation, either or is a great way to get that first impression. Red flags are all up to you to notice so make sure to come prepared with questions that you would like answered.

                When you trust us that makes our job a whole lot easier. Ask us anything from locations for engagement or the formals session to what kind of color is best for the curtains on the wedding morning. What to wear, what to expect, or if we can accompany you to scout a location. We all work differently but want nothing more than the trust of our clients when it comes to the images we are going to capture for you. I hope this post makes your search for a photographer a little easier and if you have any questions, please, message me! I would love to hear from you. God bless and later days!