So there I was this morning, really thinking about what to write for Samantha and Rabia, drawing blanks and unable to release the photos without a little blurb of some sorts. But I believe I've got it! During my time getting to know them as a couple, it was hard to not fall in love with them being together, definitely a match made in heaven. And getting to know Rabia as a friend, is definitely something inspirational. A man of faith, of family, and Samantha. Haha, if that makes sense.

Here's a guy who I met in the vast network of photographers in Ontario, and when one photographer shoots another photographers wedding, it of course adds pressure, but that pressure to continue creating art through my eyes. I look at it this way, I hire another professional in the industry not to mimic my style, but to create something I can't. Rabia truly trusted me from beginning to end, and the finished product? Photos I am proud to give them and keep for a lifetime!

Today is their 2nd month together so that's definitely an awesome announcement to include in this blogpost. So Samantha and Rabia, here is your formal internet announcement aside from facebook! Special mention to Ryan Lau of Reverie Studios for helping me out as guest photographer and bringin' the heat! And to Hazelton Manor for just being such an awesome venue. Enjoy the photos everybody! Later days and God Bless!