Here's a post that I could not pass up posting onto the blog. Aside from this couple being so beautiful and just so accomodating throughout the whole day, this was sort of a goal for me to achieve. To shoot for Mr. Jeremy Clay as a second, his humble self may say, "oh noes, I'm just Jeremy." But I have a backstory for this post...

He was the first person to give me critique on my very first engagement session that I released to the interwebs a long long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.  That my friends, stuck with me, and there I was, shooting for one of very first to influence me on this journey.

During this wedding, he was always displaying the three C's - calm,cool...and creative! I was able to cover the grooms side in the morning, but I'm going to share just a little more than a few (5) of my favorite photos from the day of our couple. All of these were setup by Jeremy, and I encourage you to check out his blog post by clicking HERE to see his awesome take of the wedding day.

Jeremy, thanks broham for having me shoot for you! It was definitely a pleasure, hope you guys enjoy the more than a few photos for now. I'll be putting up a huge blog post soon so do check back! God bless and later days! Till next time! *high fives* Don't forget to pin, tweet, like, or subscribe!

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